Floods are the #1 natural disaster in America.

Did you know that a standard homeowner’s policy does not cover your home against flooding? Florida is a peninsula surrounded by water and the sub-tropical climate makes our state vulnerable to torrential rains, hurricanes, and tropical storms. Community development and new construction can also increase flood risk to surrounding areas. Flooding is defined as a rising or overflow of water onto land that is normally dry, this causes devastating consequences, very quickly.

For more information on risks associated with flood damage, visit

With two options to meet your needs, don't leave yourself unprotected from flood damage.

  • Save money by receiving a discount on your homeowner’s policy when you purchase your home and WYO flood insurance (NFIP) together through our companies.
  • Or, add our convenient flexible flood endorsement to your existing policy for around $150 per year.

Get the peace of mind you deserve, and protect your home and contents from flood damage. Your agent can review and discuss the benefits of this added protection with you, or feel free to email us at [email protected] with questions.

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