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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do I mail my premium payment?

Below are the addresses for AMERICAN TRADITIONS premium payments:

PO Box 740135
Atlanta, GA 30374-0135

PNC Bank C/O American Traditions Insurance Co
Lockbox Number 740135
Phoenix Business Park
1669 Phoenix Pkwy Ste 210
College Park, GA 30349

Below are the addresses for SUTTON NATIONAL premium payments:

PO Box 740140
Atlanta, GA 30374-0140

PNC Bank C/O Sutton National Insurance Co
Lockbox Number 740140
Phoenix Business Park
1669 Phoenix Pkwy Ste 210
College Park, GA 30349

Can I make a premium payment on-line or by phone?
Yes, you can make a payment online by registering your policy at the My Policy link on the homepage. You can also call (866)561-3433 option 4 and one of our friendly representatives will assist you.
How do I make changes to my policy?
The agent listed on your declarations page is to be your primary point of contact for any policy changes. You can locate your agent's contact information at the top left of the declarations page. They will advise you regarding your coverage options and work with our company to be sure the changes are made.
My policy premium is paid by my mortgage company and I received a cancellation notice for non-payment. What should I do?
You should contact your mortgage company immediately to determine if they have sent the payment to our Company. In the event that payment has been sent by the mortgage company, but not yet received by us, please contact your agent or one of our friendly representatives at (866)561-3433 option 2 and they will assist you.
I have a new policy. Will the insurance carrier need to inspect my home?
In most instances, yes. Our Company contracts with a firm that will send an inspector to your home 2-6 weeks following the purchase of the policy. They will measure and take photos of the outside of your home. They will not attempt to access any gated or locked areas.
What is a 4-Point inspection?
In some instances, a 4-Point inspection will be required in order to determine eligibility of coverage. You can work with your agent to find an inspector in your area. The inspector will review the four major components of your home Roof, Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC to be sure they are updated and in good working order.
What is a Wind Mitigation inspection?
Florida offers a range of premium discounts based on specific construction features that are considered to be adequate when minimizing the amount of loss caused by wind damage to your home. A Wind Mitigation inspection is needed to determine which credits apply to your home. You can discuss with your agent whether a Wind Mitigation inspection is appropriate for your home.
What is a deductible?
A deductible is the amount you will pay out of pocket before your insurance carrier pays for a covered loss. In Florida most homeowner policies have two deductibles, one is the hurricane deductible and the other is an All Other Perils or AOP deductible. In the event that a “named storm” causes damage to your property, the Hurricane deductible will apply. The AOP deductible will apply to any covered loss that does not have a specific deductible assigned. In some instances other deductibles may be specified, such as a separate deductible amount for sinkhole damage.
Does my homeowner’s policy cover damage caused by a flood?
Flood coverage is NOT included in your homeowners policy. Flood insurance is available for purchase through American Traditions/Modern USA. Contact your agent for details.
Do I need to increase my homeowners’ coverage if I’ve remodeled or updated my home?
In the event that you make any improvements or additions to your home, you should always contact your agent. You may need to increase your coverage and you could be eligible for credits or discounts depending on the improvements you have made.
What is the difference between Actual Cash Value & Replacement Cost Coverage?
Actual Cash Value (ACV) is the cost to replace your property minus depreciation. Depreciation is a decrease in value due to wear and tear or age. Replacement Cost is the actual cost in today’s dollars to repair or replace and item(s) back to pre-loss condition.
What is Building Ordinance or Law Coverage?
In a covered loss, building ordinance or law coverage pays to rebuild a structure to comply with current building codes. Building codes may have changed or new codes added since your home was originally constructed. The standard option is 10% of your Dwelling Coverage A limit with increased limits of 25% and 50% available. Your agent will be able to discuss the best option for your home.
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